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Admission Policy

Admission into UCH is based on the following criteria:

  1. Children ages 6-17 years, males and females.

  2. Children who have emotional disorders with a DSM Diagnosis.

  3. Children with an IQ that allows them to function with control over their bodily functions. 

  4. Children who are able to function in a home environment with a modicum of control over their behavior. 

​5.  Children with moderate delinquent behavior who have expressed a desire rehabilitate.

6.  Children who have been involved with the legal system due to petty theft or experimental drug usage and has          expressed a desire to change.

7.  Children who are experiencing learning disabilities and/or problems with truant behavior.

8.  Children who are emotionally stressed due to family dysfunctions and are in need of a therapeutic environment        to aid in understanding and adjusting to life situations.

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